ADSbase celebrates its first anniversary!

On June 9, the ADSbase team celebrates its first anniversary

We’re on to new horizons, events in different capitals of the world, ambitious projects, and collaborations with the strongest affiliate marketing brands!

But first, a bit of history. One of the main directions of ADSbase – organising large-scale events – dates back to 2014 when the first internet marketing conference KINZA was held. Since then, the event has transformed into the cross-continental forum KINZA 360 and established itself as a significant phenomenon in the affiliate industry. Along with the number of partners and advertisers, the quantity of projects under the company’s supervision has also grown.

2021 was the year when it was decided to unite these projects in one structure – this is how the ADSbase integrated communications holding company was born. This step made it possible to scale channels of promotion and make the most out of it for the clients.

Happy birthday!