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We set trends on the digital marketing landscape

ADSbase We set trends on the digital marketing landscape

international holding of integrated communications, which specializes in CPA and AdTech projects. We have all the tools that marketers, online advertisers, and affiliate industry representatives need to build strong relationships with their audience in our arsenal.

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    An intercontinental affiliate marketing forum that brings together participants in the global affiliate markets - webmasters, SEO specialists, direct advertisers and other industry representatives. The event has been held since 2014.

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    ProTraffic, CPAMonstro, AffTimes, and AffiliateValley – popular media platforms that cover news and analytics on the internet advertising market, as well as publish lucrative cases related to the affiliate marketing industry.

  • AffMedia

    Internet marketing agency that creates concepts and video advertisements. It also promotes third-party companies in the PR, media and event areas, develops in-house influencer talents, and boosts personal brands.

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ADSbase team

over 70 employees around the world, bonded by values, purpose, and belief in each of our projects. Creativity, courage, striving for results, and the desire to bring the most incredible ideas to life are what make us one of the strongest communication companies in the digital sphere.

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Founders of ADSbase

  • Denis Lagutenko

    Denis Lagutenko

    - founder of ADSbase; businessman with a track record of success, responsible investor, and a respected authority in affiliate marketing

    • Forbes Council Member;
    • Speaker of large-scale conferences: Synergy Digital Online Forum, KINZA 360, and others;
    • Winner of the Digital Leaders Award in the "Digital Leader of the Year" category and the Team Awards in the "Leader of the Year" category (Digital category);
    • Jury member of the All-Russian “Business Success” award (“The best online project” and “Digital economics”);
    • Business blogger of 2019 according to the FPA.
    Denis Lagutenko

1 November 2022

KINZA Goes Global: KINZA 360 hosted their first-ever international affiliate conference in Dubai

For two whole days, luxurious Dubai became the traffic arbitrage capital as it hosted affiliate networks, payment services, arbitrage teams and solo webmasters converging at the KINZA Dubai affiliate marketing forum, which took place at Festival Arena, Dubai on October 26-27.

This historical forum for KINZA 360 brought together hundreds of participants from different parts of the world – Russia, the CIS countries, the UAE, India, Israel and other countries. Conference activities included presentations by 25 world-class speakers; speed networking among companies, brands and affiliate marketers in the expo zone; fun activities from sponsors; sealing of deals, exchange of services and a thrilling Aff-Shine Party at the end of the business program.

The expo zone area which was over 7500 sq.m was perfectly utilized by dozens of company stands. PinUp Partners, Gagarin,1win Partners, ZaleyCash, Cryptadium, Ad Media Cards and a lot more organisations had their booths uniquely and creatively designed adding style and grandeur to the arena with setups such as sports cars, suitcases with rare and luxurious watches costing over $2 million, contemporary art pieces and more. All exhibitors masterfully attracted and reached out to conference participants with their unique setups and marketing strategies.

“It is important to approach the organization structurally,– says Stase Blitz, CMO PIN-UP Partners. – Study the site itself and the visibility of the selected spot on the map, request photo / video reports. Next, request data on the audience, understand what characteristics awaits you and then compare with the objectives of the strategy. Usually, based on this data, it is already possible to identify the most popular zones and add creatives to them. We draw Inspiration and innovation from cool samples by behance but most importantly, we analyse and read trendy reports of large agencies (it’s easy to google), as this helps us gain insight.”

The content by the various speakers on the main stage of the forum was devoted to many topical aspects of work in affiliate marketing. Speakers from TraffBraza – Vera Soboleva and Alexandr Palyanychka – shared the features of implementing complex traffic sources: ASO, Apple Search Ads and SMS. Stefan Muehlbauer, Head of Business Development at Masters in Cash, talked about how to double affiliate activation rates using proven methods, and Carl Weische, CEO of Accelerated, presented his vision for optimizing your current landing pages or sales funnel.

Special attention at the forum was drawn to the important topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in affiliate marketing – an entire discussion panel was devoted to it.

“We definitely feel that the demand for cryptocurrency is growing noticeably. At the same time, the arbitration community is actively developing and entering new markets, and the number of clients in this sector is constantly increasing”,– says Denis Rogachev, CEO of CRYPTADIUM. In his presentation, the speaker gave recommendations on how to accept payments in cryptocurrency and protect profits from exchange rate fluctuations, and Ton Weiss, co-owner of The Financial Summit, prepared a report “Why Bitcoin is critical for marketing?”.

Following their usual tradition, KINZA 360 ended the forum with a sparkling afterparty. The themed party aptly named Aff-Shine party took place at the Vice club, and the dress code was “Sparkly”, guests were informed to wear shiny outfits, with an award prepared for the best dressed. The special prize tagged “queen of the evening”, was awarded to Vika Baklanova from Traffic Devils.

In addition to networking, cocktails, an incendiary DJ set and show, awards for two categories were held – “Best Speaker” and “Best Stand”. The host Ivan Zaiets announced the winners as Hen Kinan, the creator of the SHINEz platform, for the “Best Speaker” award; and 1win Partners for the “Best Stand” award. Commenting on the award, Polina Malinovskaya, Chief Marketing Officer 1win Partners said “We try to do things in a way that no one has done before, using different techniques, styles and materials. Stands at the exhibition are also a source of powerful emotion for guests, therefore, being inspired by a beautiful project, we thought about how to make it functional and memorable”.

Overall, history was made and the brave KINZA 360 team had to be highly resourceful in making the event successful. “KINZA Dubai was our first forum outside of Eastern Europe. This is an invaluable experience that came at a difficult time for the global economy and the events management industry in particular”, – Den Lagutenko, owner of KINZA 360 and founder of the ADSbase holding, said. – “And we are happy that despite all the difficulties, the forum stood and was able to unite the arbitration community for two days in incredible Dubai. We will strive to become the market leader in affiliate marketing events around the world, steadily improving the level of our events. A great start in the right direction”.

9 June 2022

ADSbase celebrates its first anniversary!

On June 9, the ADSbase team celebrates its first anniversary

We’re on to new horizons, events in different capitals of the world, ambitious projects, and collaborations with the strongest affiliate marketing brands!

But first, a bit of history. One of the main directions of ADSbase – organising large-scale events – dates back to 2014 when the first internet marketing conference KINZA was held. Since then, the event has transformed into the cross-continental forum KINZA 360 and established itself as a significant phenomenon in the affiliate industry. Along with the number of partners and advertisers, the quantity of projects under the company’s supervision has also grown.

2021 was the year when it was decided to unite these projects in one structure – this is how the ADSbase integrated communications holding company was born. This step made it possible to scale channels of promotion and make the most out of it for the clients.

Happy birthday!

5 June 2022

Сourse set for Latin America: ADSbase is holding a meetup for affiliate marketing top names in Brazil

ADSbase, an international integrated communications holding company that organises high-class affiliate marketing forums KINZA 360 worldwide, plans to hold the first exclusive meetup in Brazil. A private event for the top affiliate marketing experts will take place on May 31 in São Paulo.

More than 100 industry leaders will meet at picturesque Villa Verico which is famous for its privileged atmosphere and unique vertical gardens.

CEO of ADSbase and the main meetup organiser Natalia Katina focuses mainly on networking. “The first and primary goal of this event is to meet industry leaders who form local affiliate communities and set trends on their market. We took care of maintaining a relaxed atmosphere that would contribute to enjoyable and productive communication.” Party attendees can expect trendy tracks from the DJ and live shows from the cover-band. Establishing business relations will be much easier with the invited host.

“As a GEO, Latin America is one of the most innovative and forward-looking regions from all points of view. To me, this is a goldmine for webmasters because of the lower level of competition, if compared to Asia and Europe. Meanwhile, the vast majority of residents can access the internet and buy goods online, – says Denis Lagutenko, founder of ADSbase. – We, as the affiliate marketing forum organisers, follow our audience and want to see South America as our future location for holding KINZA 360”.

Partners of ADSbase